We specialise in storytelling - digital and traditional. Everything we do brings together our specialisms of design and the written word to bring your story to life.
Telling your story
We work with marketing, HR, sales, training and documentation teams to help you share stories with clients, employees, shareholders, stakeholders, the media – in fact any group of people that you want to connect with.
Why digital storytelling?
Digital stories simplify complexity and increase awareness, understanding and engagement. These could take the form of video (film and animation) and social media cards.
In 2019, 1 billion hours of YouTube content was viewed per day; 500 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute and there were 2 billion monthly active YouTube users. Video puts your brand, your tone of voice and your people front and central. It’s the quickest and most effective way for viewers to get to grips with the content you’re sharing. We write and produce beautifully-scripted and designed animation and video that your viewers will want to watch.
Social media cards help your posts stand out in feeds and use your unique visual branding. They can increase engagement and referrals to your site.
We can also help to tell your story using traditional forms of media including PR and printed communications. 
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