Letter+Line Co. was created when former colleagues Rebeccah Robinson and Sarah Pryor both found themselves looking for their next challenge.
We’ve both spent much of our careers working in house (Rebeccah as a graphic designer and creative director and Sarah in marketing and communications leadership). Our roles have involved developing projects and campaigns for our internal clients and working with external consultancies and agencies when we needed extra resource, support or just a fresh pair of eyes on our work.
And so we know that marketing and corporate communications teams want their agencies to be a trusted partner.
That they expect things to be right first time – often urgently when projects are needed at the last minute. They want their partners to ‘have their backs’, to understand that they might be under pressure to deliver creative, effective communications that resonate with their audiences, achieve measurable results and don’t cost the earth.
Sometimes clients want strategic input from their agency partner. They want to be asked ‘why?’ and ‘what are you trying to achieve?’; they like their agencies to quickly get up to speed with the markets they’re operating, to understand the competitive landscape or how their clients tick.
And other times they simply want a project delivered on-time, on-budget and with minimum fuss: a presentation smartened up, some copy edited, a brochure created or an email campaign delivered.
Because we’ve both been clients ourselves we entirely understand these needs. We had found our challenge and Letter+Line Co. was born.
The very things that we’ve always looked for from an agency have become our guiding principles for how we work. We hope that our clients gain a trusted partner, which delivers on their wishes and, above all, they enjoy working with.​​​​​​​
Rebeccah Robinson
Sarah Pryor
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